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ABD ALTWAB ABD ALLAH HUSSAIN              Expert in Vital Energy Therapy              The Founder of "Arabic Human Programming AHP" Science             Member of AMERICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION             Symposiums about the different ways in the Vital Energy Therapy              Free consultations in The Vital and Spiritual Energy Therapy              We have every new in ways of the Vital Energy Therapy             


      First: The Scientific encyclopedias

  • The Mother Encyclopedia of Medical Plants and Herbal Therapy.

  • Eve's Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy Massage.

  • Encyclopedia of Vital Energy Therapy, with 15 Therapeutic Way.

  • International Encyclopedia of Vital Energy Therapy, with more than 100 Therapeutic Way.

  • Encyclopedia of The Nutritional Therapy, and how can you protect and treat yourself?

  • The Modern Encyclopedia for take care of pregnant mother and her baby.

Second: Books about The Vital Energy Therapy

  • Book: The Spirit world between the Energy and material, with the principles of Vital Energy Therapy.    

  • Book: Secrets of the Vital Energy Therapy, from Oriental visible. 

  • Book: The Luminance Aura, which surrounds Human and the Organisms.

  • Book: Yoga Therapy, the complete care for the Mind and Body.

  • Book: Women Yoga, The way to World of Health and Beauty.

  • Book: The Hypnotherapy, World of Mind Abilities Control.

  • Book: Reiki Therapy, and the Vital Energy of Water.

  • Book: Cupping Therapy, Between the Scientific and Religious Facts.

  • Book: Magnetotherapy.  

Third: Books about "Arabic Human Programming" (AHP) Science

  • Book: How do you bring up your Child to achieve his Ambitions?

  • Book: How can you make your success yourself?

Fourth: Books about The Futurre

  • Book: Quake of the World's End, Soon.

  • Book: U.S.A and Israel, the Beginning and the End.

  • Book: The Destruction of U.S.A coming soon.

  • Book: "Armegdon" Battles of the Universe's End.

  • Book: Asia's Tsunami is the Beginning of major marks of The Resurrection day.

Fifth: Books about Other Subjects

  • Book: The Near Death Experiment (N.D.E) Part 1.

  • Book: The Near Death Experiment (N.D.E) Part 2.

  • Book: The Deluxe Pearls, in the detection of Afterworld sciences. "Inquiry"

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Quake of the World's End, Soon



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