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Treatment by Original Medicine

  • Its history lengthens many thousand years ago since the start of societies, mixing of the human beings and the appearance of diseases, the experiment tries of many types of treatments aiming at getting rid of disease or reduction of pain sensation. Until these types settled as Para systematic resulted by many thousand trials via many generations, so it became therapeutic inherited, studied by trained person who learn from the skillful experienced one, the genius student may add to his professorís science that make him famous inventor.

  • Hundreds therapeutic methods -which were well known in many societies- had left human heritage canít be slighted that is considered an abstract of the popular medicine or which I name it: ďThe Original MedicineĒ, that its roots had been recorded on the temples walls, in caves and on Papyrus since 7 thousand years, through human civilizations. It had left behind medical philosophical and therapeutic methods, after many ages, the recent advances in medicine proved that these remedies are well and highly coincidence to the recent scientific bases in spite of the inadequate old technique for the primary popular doctor, except the accurate experiment and observation about disease, patient, and method of treatment.

The Vital of Galaxy

The field of Earth

Vital Energy Therapy

  • Vital energy is: The life pulse in every organism taken from his cosmic environment that contains on Galaxies, Suns, Moons and stars. It also springs from himself to express his existence, for example, the cell produces The Vital Energy that is necessary for its organic act. The total energy that is produced by any organ cells in the Body (as the heart) indicates the total energy that gives ability for constriction, relaxation and movement. The trials -that were done for measuring the body and organs performance- proved that the heart muscle gives an Electromagnetic energy at its high value about million Gous, and the heart muscle constriction energy in its upper performance reaches to 10 million Gouses. The upper average of Vital Energy is in the Brain during sleep, as its energy reaches to 300 million Gouses, it may increase more than this in some diseases cases as in Epilepsy. (Note: The Earth Planet energy is evaluated by less than one Gous).

  • The Vital Energy flows in the human body through channels or paths similar to electric plexus in the car. If any damage happened in any of these paths, the body feels pain according to the quality and degree of that damage. At that case, the therapeutic intervention is necessary to make the energy current returns to its normal situation that differ from any disease to another one and from any organ to another one. Therefore, the suitable remedy should be given according to the type of disease and the patient healthy case. For example, it isnít allowed to do Cupping in cases of Anemia or hypotension patients, or doing massage sittings during fevers or illness acute, so it isnít allowed to treat the eyes with warm compresses which are useful to stiff muscles, while they are harmful to disrupted muscles.

  • As the experience of about 25 years old in studying different types of Vital Energy Therapy, An urgent need appears for set up this website that is specialized in presenting the free consultations for Vital Energy Therapy to any desirous or seeker regardless of his political, religious and racial affiliations and connections.

    Since we started this site, we raised emblem: Message - Target - content. We announced -to the site dear visitors- that we insisted on hard work with reborn activity to reply all: calls, inquiries and free consultations in record time. The result was expansion of the friends circle comprises our Arab nation sides that we believe in Unity of its peoples and lands. In addition to more friends from different countries as Japan, India, Germany, France, England, Brazil and from U.S.A.

 I hope you find in this site every new and useful,,,.

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