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More than 100 Therapeutic Way

kinds of Vital Energy Therapy

The therapy ways spread in the different humanity civilizations and ages, these ways famed among people as successful tried medicines for specific diseases and it still have the same importance in spite of the great scientific progress in the medical field. the high costs of Academic Medicine Therapy and the dangerous side effects in some medicines a lot of times, all these factors encourage most people turning to Alternative or Complementary Medicine (as they called) which has place in the front side by side with the other modern medicine ways. In Europe and U.S.A, the pharmacies which sell Herbal remedies and Natural materials as: Aloe, Myrrh and Ambergris, are beside those which sell the chemical medicines. We mention the more important ways of Alternative Medicine Therapy on this page:

        Touch Therapy (Reiki).

        Massage Therapy.

        Japanese Therapy (Shiatsu).



        Meditation Therapy.

        Cupping Therapy.

        Medical Plants and Herbal Therapy.

        Nutritional Therapy.

        Yoga Therapy.

        Acupuncture Therapy.

        Medical Fast Therapy.

        Hydrotherapy (Hydropathy).


        Burying in sand and mud Therapy.

        Spiritual Therapy.

        Colors Therapy.

        Geometric shapes Therapy.

        Cauterizing with fire Therapy.

        Mind - Body Therapy (Sosphrenlogos).

        Chiropractic Medicine.


        Indian Medicine (Ayurveda).

        Chinese Medicine (Quigong - Chee-gong).

        Osteopathy Medicine.

        Natural Oils and dyes Therapy.


        Sound Therapy.

        Light and Sun rays Therapy.   

        Medical Sport (Swedish Exercises).

        Prayer Energy Therapy.


  • Bleeding Therapy.

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Soon God willing, the Author will issue The Universal Encyclopedia of Vital Energy Therapy, which contains on explanation and Therapeutic details, In addition to practical applications of more than 100 sorts of Vital Energy Therapy.




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